Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Yoga in Walchsee

Walchsee See

         by Jan Dymond  http://2ndcurtain.blogspot.com/

The Tyrolean Alps really remind you that you are only a small part of a much bigger picture. My friend took this delightfully eerie yet serene photo of the lake and mountains. Its reflective quality reminds me of how this place that is quiet, pure, natural and ancient mysteriously gets into you and awakens something in you that is quiet, pure, natural and ancient.

In my own practice I am continuing the work we have been doing in class before I came here. Really slowing it down. And boy! are muscles aching! I sneak up to the Fitness room in the early hours as the sun is coming up and practice my supta upvista konosana and bow poses before anyone can turn up to interrupt me with chat about yoga, lympheodema, the day's weather or anything else. I am easy to interrupt....

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